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Blonde on a Plane

A blonde was sitting in the first class section of a plane waiting for it to take off to Jamaica. The Flight Attendant came back and remarked to the blonde 

" Excuse me Miss, but your seat is back in coach, you'll have to move."

The blonde replied " I am not moving until this plane lands in Jamaica!"

The Flight Attendant once again demanded that the blonde move back to her seat in coach, but the blonde absolutely refused to move! The Flight Attendant walked towards the front of the plane and disappeared into the cockpit. A few minutes later she came out with the pilot walking behind her. The pilot walked up to the blonde and whispered something in her ear. Immediately the blonde got up from where she was sitting and went back to her seat in coach. The Flight Attendant turned to the pilot and asked " How did you get her to move?"

The pilot said " I simply told her first class wasn't going to Jamaica."


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